Over thirty (30) years experience in representing injured employees in Workers' Compensation cases and individuals and families in
varied fields of Legal Representation and Litigation

      Initially, I can effectively evaluate the current status of your Workers' Compensation Claims and where the case is headed in a short telephone interview.  I like to try to help those that need help as soon as possible, and I will give preliminary adivce, (every injured worker needs this help if it can be obtained).  A Workers' Compensation case can go off the rails early and that may lead to the denial of certain benefits in the future.            
     Workers' Compensation Claimants need advice even if they are currently receiving benefits.
     I don't charge Workers' Compensation Claimants any out of pocket attorney fees.  My fees are always awarded or approved by a Judge according to statutory law. You will always get a separate check for your benefits, your awards and your settlement. 

Workers' Compensation Lawyer
(committed to representing the injured worker)

Phone:  888-688-2469 ext 101
(toll free)
                                                                        501-372-4209 (less effective for prospective clients)