?What is TTD
TTD is Temporary Total Disability Benefits and should be paid pursuant to a Workers’ Compensation “compensable” injury during the healing period when the employee is temporarily disabled from doing the job, and light duty work is not provided.  Weekly benefits are usually paid bi-weekly by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company.  Those are not automatic and there must be medical evidence that the insurance company has reviewed before TTD will be paid.  The benefits will end, or never start, if an employee refuses restricted duty work, or has returned to work, or has reached MMI, Maximum Medical Improvement.
The TTD rate is 66.7% of the employee’s average weekly gross, over the preceding year.  These benefits are not automatic and there must be medical evidence to support prompt payment or any aspect of the claim in general.  There may not be a clear explanation for why you are not receiving TTD after an injury.  If you are not absolutely sure, only an experienced Workers’ Compensation Claimants’ Attorney can get an answer for you right away.
e Claimant to receive further indemnity (monetary) benefits, or very much by way of a settlement.
             If a Claimant has significant undiagnosed medical problems or compensable consequences arising from the original injury, outside evidence must be sought. Without the help of a lawyer, you are less likely to go about this in an effective way, and if you wait until you first hear MMI to do something your odds are diminished.